Drawing a Push Up Swimsuit

Drawing a Push Up Swimsuit

Drawing a Push Up Swimsuit

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to sketch a structured one piece push up swimsuit. You’ll learn the importance of cups, how to apply wires, the importance of bar tacks and topstitching. You’ll also learn back views and how to apply swan hooks on all of your swimsuits. You’ll learn how to create front and back sketches with finalized interior views as well.

Note: You will need access to Adobe Illustrator software in order to do this lesson.

Module Description Step
1 Swimsuit Front 1-16
2 Swimsuit Back 1-10
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MODULE 1 • Swimsuit Front

Step Description
1 This lesson is drawing a push up swimsuit and will be taught by Jessica Krupa. So, starting with the template provided by the University of Fashion, you’ll use the push up swimsuit template. Here you’ll find a front and back torso of a croquis as well as brushes and swan hook at your disposal.
2 The brushes that you’ll have here are the outline; the zigzag stitch, which is done on a single needle stitch machine or a zigzag stitch machine; a bar tack which is done on a bar tack machine, which I’ll describe the stitch in more detail as we sketch; as well as an overlock stitch, which is also called a merrow stich sometimes. This is done on an overlock machine or a serger machine.
3 Then included in your template are your layers. So, you’ll have them all broken out into four different layers. First, you’ll have your brushes. Then you’ll have your template. Your croquis and then the layer, that you’ll actually be sketching on, will be on the sketch.

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