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Drawing a Male Contemporary Figure

Drawing a Male Contemporary Figure

In this lesson, I will be sketching a contemporary male fashion figure using pencils and markers. He will be wearing a streetwise denim outfit and his attitude is going to reflect the modernity in the way young men on streets of urban America and the world.

Module Description Step
1 Analyzing Contemporary Male Fashion Figures 1-4
2 Sketching the Figure 1-7
3 Inking the Drawing 1-10
4 Adding Color to the Drawing 1-8
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MODULE 1 • Analyzing Contemporary Male Fashion Figures

Step Description
1 So, in illustrating the contemporary male fashion figure, you want to really pay attention to proportion. Proportion wise, they are different from the women, the shoulders are broader the torso is longer, and the hips are slimmer. And you can see over here between these two figures how this man is a little bit bulkier in his proportion than this man, so you may want to think about, you know, your ideal customer, the ideal fantasy of the menswear so, be aware of proportion.
2 When we are looking at this man in denim you can see he is leaning back, for a three-quarter view. He has got a good stance where he is really anchored on the ground, very important for menswear.
3 You can see here, to make this coat look bigger, I really slimmed down the legs on the pants, so you are comparing sizes between the slim leg and the big coat. And again, the slight raised collar tucking under his chin all adds to the creating a mood.


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