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Draping a Bra

Draping a Bra

Learn how to drape and pattern an underwire bra. We will teach you how to create your style lines on a swim form and which types of fabrics are used when draping a bra. Once you’ve draped all of the sections, you will learn how to pattern the bra using the correct seam allowances. We’ll teach you how to plan the bra straps, the back closure, the underwire and the underwire channeling.

Module Description Step
1 Lesson Prep 1-12
2 Draping & Marking Top Cup 1-3
3 Draping & Marking Bottom Cup 1-3
4 Draping & Marking Center Front Frame 1-3
5 Draping Side Frame 1-3
6 Draping & Marking Back Band 1-5
7 Transferring, Trueing & Annotating Bottom Bra Cup 1-9
8 Transferring, Trueing & Annotating Top Bra Cup 1-10
9 Transferring, Trueing & Annotating Center Front Frame 1-7
10 Transferring, Trueing & Annotating Side Front Frame 1-9
11 Choosing & Positioning Underwire 1-3
12 Bra Back Band – Part 1 1-13
13 Bra Back Band – Part 2 1-3
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MODULE 1 • Lesson Prep

Step Description
1 The first thing we are going to do when draping a bra is putting in the style lines.
2 Here you see we have the outer perimeter of the bra silhouette, going from our underarm to our strap platform, which is where our strap meets our cup – to our neckline – down the center front to the bottom band shape.
3 Inside, we have taped our style lines inside the cup. This is our cross bust seam, which crosses the highest point of the bust from the side to the front.


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