Drafting a Hooded Knit Top

Drafting a Hooded Knit Top

Drafting a Hooded Knit Top

This lesson will teach you how to draft a hooded knit top. You will learn how to interpret the hooded sketch for certain key measurements like the neck drop, the neck opening and the height and width of the hood.

The sleeveless knit T-shirt sloper needed for this lesson can be found and drafted in our lesson, Drafting a Women’s Fitted Stable Knit T-shirt from Measurements. The fabric planned for this draft is a cotton/Lycra single knit jersey.

Module Description Step
1 Hooded Knit Top 1-3
2 Drafting the Hood 1-5
3 More About Knits 1-2
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MODULE 1 • Hooded Knit Top

Step Description
1 To start this lesson, we will refer to the hooded knit top sketch and determine certain measurements, beginning with the center front neck drop. Our front neck drop will be 3” (7.6cm). We will also decide on how far away from the neck the hood will sit. For this hood, we will plan to come out 1” (2.5cm) from the shoulder/neckline intersection and lower the back neckline by ½” (1.3cm).

We also need to plan the height of the front hood. We do this by measuring from the lowered front neckline, around the crown of the head, and back to the lowered front neckline, ours measures 33 ½” (85.1cm). Divide that number in half to get half the hood height measurement. Our one-half hood height measures 16 ¾” (42.5cm). Record these measurements.

2A Trace off the front and back women’s sleeveless knit T-shirt sloper and mark the 3” (7.6cm) front neck drop, the 1” front and back shoulder/neck mark and the ½” (1/3cm) center back neck drop. Blend the new back neckline in red pencil.

We blended the new front neckline, however, we redrew it, as it was a bit too shallow, since a rounder-shaped neckline will make for a nicer looking hood.

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