CLO 3D-Drafting a CLO 3D Women’s Bodice Block

CLO 3D-Drafting a CLO 3D Women’s Bodice Block

CLO 3D-Drafting a CLO 3D Women’s Bodice Block

This lesson is an introduction to drafting a women’s bodice block using a CLO 3D avatar’s measurements. This bodice block will be useful for iterating new designs efficiently and is a necessary foundation for any designer and pattern maker.

Note: You will need access to CLO 3D software and internet connection, in order to complete this lesson. For a free trial and information on CLO 3D subscription plans, please visit:


Module Description Step
1 Lesson Intro 1-2
2 Setting Up your Avatar and Measurements 1-3
3 Drafting the Front Bodice 1-13
4 Placing Our Dart and Side Seam 1-8
5 Back Bodice Drafting 1-15
6 Closing the Front Bodice Shape 1-10
7 Closing the Back Bodice Shape 1-22
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MODULE 1 • Lesson Intro

Step Description
1 CLO 3D is one of the pioneering 3D solutions for apparel design, development, and merchandising. Its 2D and 3D toolsets equip designers with a digital workspace to draft and test original patterns. The program allows Designers, Technical Specialists, and Pattern Makers to have the ability to design garments, pattern modify, and test with less material recourses, lowering the barrier for developing original apparel designs.
2 Before we go any further, please be sure to download the reference provided with this video; a PDF document of dart placement and intake measurements, as well as a CLO File containing the size 8 bodice, which will be drafted during this lesson. Save it to wherever you want on your computer, because we will refer to it throughout the lesson. In this module we are going to use five primary 2D tools. The transform pattern tool, Edit Pattern tool, internal polygon tool, Add Point/Split Line tool and Edit Curve Point tool.

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