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Double-Faced Wool Seam

Double-Faced Wool Seam

Working with double-faced fabrics requires special seaming and finishing techniques. In this lesson, we will demonstrate the steps involved in preparing and then sewing a double-faced wool seam. You will be able to sew seams and finish garment edges to create beautiful reversible garments using this technique.

Module Description Step
1 Lesson Prep 1-8
2 Separating the Layers 1-4
3 Preparing the Seam 1-5
4 Sewing the Double Face Seam 1-5
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MODULE 1 • Lesson Prep

Step Description
1 Prepare 2 pieces of double face wool fabric, 4” in the width grain x 5” in the length grain. We have chosen a two-tone fabric for demo purposes.
2 Since we will be doing a fair amount of basting for this lesson, we will be using 100% cotton embroidery thread for basting. Cotton embroidery thread is heavier than regular cotton thread and easier to use for basting. You will also need a pair of very sharp pointed edge embroidery scissors.
3 Cut an 18” length of cotton embroidery thread and separate a single strand. We will be using only one thread for basting.

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