Details for Flats

Details for Flats

Details for Flats

This lesson will teach you how to draw a variety of details for your flat sketches that can be used on pants, tops, skirts, dresses, blouses and coats. You will learn the right types of markers to use for outlines and seams, as well as how to draw different kinds of topstitching, buttons and zippers. This lesson is a must if you are drawing flats and creating tech packs.

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Module Description Step
1 Outlines & Topstitches 1-5
2 Buttons & Button Extension 1-4
3 Zippers 1-4
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Step Description
1 We will start the details for flats lesson by using our medium point liquid marker pen and the beveled-edge side of our 6” (15.2cm) clear plastic ruler. Draw a 2” (5.1cm) horizontal line on the white bond paper. This represents the type and thickness of the line that we will use as a garment outline.
2 Next, we will draw a 2” (5.1cm) horizontal line that represents a seam line. For this you will switch to your fine point liquid marker pen. Using the beveled-edge side face-down and not the straight edge side of the ruler, will prevent the ink from bleeding as you lift the pen from the page.
3 To indicate a single-line topstitch, switch to your extra fine point liquid marker pen. Draw a series of horizontal stitches approximately 1/16″ (2mm) apart, using your clear plastic ruler. 


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