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Creative Draping-The Art of Ruching

Creative Draping-The Art of Ruching

As part of our Creative Draping series, emerging designer, Kenneth McQueen, will teach you a ruching technique that you can use on many of you garment designs. He will demonstrate how to prepare your fabric so that you can achieve a special effect as you learn how to ruch the fabric directly onto a dress foundation.

Module Description Step
1 Lesson Preparation 1-4
2 Ruching the Left Side 1-8
3 Ruching the Right Side 1-7
4 Ruching the Back 1-2
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MODULE 1 • Lesson Preparation

Step Description
1 I am working with a cotton shadow stripe voile.
2A I will start this lesson with a piece of cotton voile measuring 16” square.
2B I will take one corner of the square on the bias and pin it to the ironing board.


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