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Creative Draping-The Art of Fluting

Creative Draping-The Art of Fluting

As part of our Creative Draping series, fashion industry veteran, Barbara Arata-Gavere, will teach you the beautiful and timeless art of fluting. You will learn how to drape and then hand stitch your fluting directly onto an empire bodice. This technique will be the inspiration for many of your future eveningwear designs.

Module Description Step
1 Introduction to Fluting 1-2
2 Lesson Prep 1-4
3 Foundation – Empire Bodice 1-5
4 Bias Strips – Planning, Measuring, Pinning & Cutting 1-7
5 Foundation Prep 1-2
6 Fluting Process Prep 1-7
7 Fluting Placement and Pinning – Left Side 1-5
8 Fluting Placement & Pinning – Right Side Crossover 1-8
9 Prick-Stitching the Fluting Rows 1-6
10 The Fluted Sample – Placement & Pinning of End Piece 1-4
11 The Fluted Sample – Prick-Stitching & Slip-Stitching of End Piece 1-2
12 Checking the Fluting Rows – Hand-Tacking 1-2
13 Final Comments 1-3
14 Fluted Empire Bodice Dress 1-2
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MODULE 1 • Introduction to Fluting

Step Description
1 Before we start our fluting lesson, I want to show you the sample that we chose of our fluting design. Here, we chose a crossover fluting design, which means that the bias strips or the fluting strips crossover from the right to the left.
2 So, the thing that you would want to do, before you start all the mechanics of fluting, is to decide what design you would like to have, whether it be on a bodice or another part of the garment.


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