Creating Contemporary Plus Size Female Fashion Poses

Creating Contemporary Plus Size Female Fashion Poses

Creating Contemporary Plus Size Female Fashion Poses

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to draw Contemporary Plus Size Female Fashion figures in various poses such as the Contrapposto pose, a Walking pose, and a Standing pose.

Each illustration will have a different body shape while modeling the same outfit, which will help to illustrate how one outfit would fit differently on each body type and how certain poses can help to accentuate and flatter each shape. The body shapes will vary from the hourglass to the square and to the inverted triangle shape.

As the fashion industry continues to evolve and become more size and shape inclusive it’s important to consider including different body types when developing a well-rounded body of work; and although not mandatory; size inclusivity could help to showcase your observational skills and social awareness, thus creating a strong portfolio.

Module Description Step
1 Studying the Female Figure 1-3
2 Sketching the Hourglass Shape & Contrapposto Pose 1-8
3 Sketching the Square Shape & Walking Pose 1-10
4 Sketching the Inverted Triangle and Standing Pose 1-10
5 Adding Color to the Drawings 1-13
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MODULE 1 • Studying the Female Figure

Step Description
1 In this lesson I’ll be drawing these three Plus Size Contemporary Female Fashion figures using pencils & markers and in three different poses; A Contrapposto pose, a Walking pose and a Standing pose.
2 Each illustration will have a different body shape ranging from the Hourglass shape, to the Square shape, and to the Inverted Triangle shape.
3 The elements that make these figures contemporary are the types of poses used to accentuate the curvy shape of the body instead of hiding it.

As well as the proportions used to elongate the neck and legs on all three body types, and the style and movement of the clothing, and the shoes and accessories, as well as the hairstyles and colors used all help to make this illustration appear contemporary.

Keep in mind, as you develop your style you can play with lengths of the models’ proportions, but I suggest always keeping them anatomically correct.

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