Creating Color Palettes in Illustrator

Creating Color Palettes in Illustrator

Creating Color Palettes in Illustrator

This lesson is creating color palettes in Illustrator and will be taught by Lindsay Boehl. In this lesson, we will cover how to create swatches based on seasonal color inspiration and how to save and use them throughout the design process.

Note: You will need access to Adobe Illustrator software in order to do this lesson.

Module Description Step
1 Finding Color Inspiration 1-2
2 How to Create Swatches 1-4
3 How to Save Color Palettes 1-2
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MODULE 1 • Finding Color Inspiration

Step Description
1 Building seasonal color palettes is one of the first steps in creating a collection for a brand, especially in the textile or fashion design process. Having a cohesive theme to follow keeps colors consistent throughout the season. They can be used in all departments and carried through all aspects of the brand, including in store displays and online marketing schemes. Companies will engage in anywhere from two to five seasons throughout any year. They consist of spring, summer, fall, holiday and resort or specialty lines. Building a color palette based off the season is fairly simple.

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