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Creating a Professional Fashion Design Portfolio

Creating a Professional Fashion Design Portfolio

This lecture will teach you how to prepare a professional fashion portfolio. You will learn the importance of keeping a sketchbook or process book, so that you can record your inspiration. Through numerous examples of actual New York based fashion designers, you will see how to assemble your ideas into the creation of an inspiration board. You will learn what to include in your inspiration board such as color, fabric swatches and embellishments and how to design and illustrate your collection. You will even learn the importance of choosing the right portfolio case! Special thanks to designers: Luan Vo, Ngockhanh Ngo, Carolyn Campo, Mark Virgil, Cindy Waters and Juan Carlos Martinez.

Module Description Steps
1 Creating an Inspiration Sketchbook 1-9
2 Creating Inspiration Boards 1-9
3 Designing Your Collection 1-9
4 Choosing a Portfolio Case 1-9
5 Laying-Out Portfolio Pages 1-7
6 Illustrating Your Collection 1-10
7 Tell a Story through Your Portfolio 1-2
8 Spend Time on Your Portfolio 1-2
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Module 1 • Creating an Inspiration Sketchbook

Step  Description
1 Hi, today I’m going to talk to you about creating an exciting and professional fashion portfolio.
2 The first step in creating a professional portfolio starts with a sketchbook, where you can record inspiration.
3 In your sketchbook, you will collect your ideas, your research, any observations that you make, and any creative ideas that come to you as a designer.


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