Create and Modify a New File With Open Palettes in AI - #2

Create and Modify a New File With Open Palettes in AI – #2

Create and Modify a New File With Open Palettes in AI – #2

In this lesson, you will learn how to create new Illustrator files by using different set up options and saving FORMATS to better digitally view, print, or web share them. You will customize your default design palette, and also learn how to set up your page with rulers and guidelines that help you create precise drawings.

Module Description Step
1 Create a New File 1-6
2 Save a New File 1-5
3 Customize a New File 1-2
4 Drawing with Rulers 1-8
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MODULE 1 • Create a New File

Step Description
1 To create a new file in Illustrator, you will click on “File” from the Application Bar/Menu Bar and select “New File” from the drop down menu. At the top of the new window you will click on delete from your keyboard and rename your file based off of our design project. For example, I will name this project “Shapes.” The ‘Profile’ will be set on ‘Custom,’ and the Number of ‘Artboards’ you will be working on today shall remain 1.
2 The size of the page depends on the type of project you are creating. If you are preparing our design portfolio and like to have larger pages, you will chose one of the larger size options like, for example, the “Tabloid” size. If you are working for a European company overseas you would want your pages to fit the European printers by choosing the “A4″ size paper. For this lesson you will continue working with the ‘Letter’ size option, or specifically 8.5” in width and 11” in height.
3 The ‘Units’ will be set to inches for this project, but you can always change it to pixels or, again, if you are working for a European company you will chose ‘Centimeters.’ The page orientation will depend on your preference. For this lesson you will chose the ‘Portrait’ page set up instead of the ‘Landscape’ one. The bleed will be set on ‘0’ so if you have another measurement on your screen right now change it by clicking on the little arrows on the left side of the measurements.


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