CLO 3D: Constructing a Garment with Existing Patterns

CLO 3D: Constructing a Garment with Existing Patterns

CLO 3D: Constructing a Garment with Existing Patterns

This lesson is an introduction to arranging pattern pieces to correct positions around our avatar and then sewing them together. We will go over various tools for utilizing pre-existing patterns, allowing us to create a style visualization and fit check of our virtual garment. You will also learn a troubleshooting technique for a common but easily remedied issue when constructing garments in the 3D space.

Note: You will need access to Clo3D software and internet connection in order to complete this lesson. For a free trial and information on Clo3D subscription plans, please visit:


Module Description Step
1 Adding our Practice File to the Workspace 1-5
2 Arrangement (2D& 3D), Avatar Arrangement Points, Reset Arrangement 1-8
3 Sewing: Segment Sewing & Free Sewing 1-7
4 M:N Segment Sewing + M:N Free Sewing 1-19
5 How to Review Your Sewing 1-4
6 How to Edit Your Sewing 1-7
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MODULE 1 • Adding our Practice File to the Workspace

Step Description
1 Clo3D is one of the pioneering 3D solutions for apparel design, development, and merchandising. It is made up of a 2D pattern making toolset and a 3D simulator toolset. Clo3D is a true-to-life 3D apparel design software. The program allows Designers, Technical Specialists, and Pattern Makers to have the ability to design garments, pattern modify, and fit through photorealistic 3D rendering. Users can instantly transform their 2D patterns into realistic 3D prototypes. In this series, we will work with both the 2D toolset and 3D toolset, with a focus on 3D garment visualization.
2 Before we go any further, please be sure to download the practice file underneath this video. Save it to wherever you want on your computer, because we will access it to start the lesson.

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