Circular Hem / Seam Binding

Circular Hem with Seam Binding

Circular Hem with Seam Binding

Learn a very special technique that is used in the couture when hemming a circular hem. We will teach you the proper hem allowance, how to sew a gathering stitch and then how to best sew your seam binding for a flat hem look. We will also teach you the correct hand-stitching technique, as well as how to shrink your fabric for a perfect-looking hem.

Once you have mastered this hem finish, try your hand at the circular hem with a Hong Kong hem finish and the Circular Hem with a Lace Binding.

Module Description Step
1 Lesson Prep 1-3
2 Circular Flare Pattern & Cut Fabric 1-8
3 Preparing the Pieces 1-10
4 Basting the Seam Binding 1-6
5 Sew Seam Binding 1-8
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Step Description
1 For this lesson you will need to prepare: an 11” (27.9cm) square of oaktag paper.
2 A strip of ½” (1.3cm) wide seam binding 15” (38.1cm) long.
3 A ½ yard (45.7cm) piece of wool crepe.


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