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Circular Hem with Lace Binding

Circular Hem with Lace Binding

Learn how to sew a circular hem using lace seam binding. This technique is used on couture garments and requires skill to execute properly.

We will teach you the proper hem allowance, how to sew a gathering stitch and then how to best sew your lace binding for a flat hem result.

You will also learn how to shrink the fabric and turn the hem using the appropriate hand stitching technique.

Once you have mastered this hem finish, try your hand at the circular hem with a Hong Kong finish and the circular hem with a seam binding hem finish.

Module Description Step
1 Lesson Prep 1-3
2 Make Circular Flare Pattern & Cut Fabric 1-10
3 Preparing the Pieces 1-11
4 Basting the Lace Binding 1-7
5 Sew Lace Binding 1-13
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Step Description
1 An 11” square of oaktag paper.
2 A strip of ½” wide lace seam binding 15” long.
3 A ½ yard piece of wool crepe.


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