Bustier Dress

Bustier Dress

Bustier Dress

This lesson will teach you how to drape a sexy bustier dress. We’ll demonstrate how to prepare your dress form for draping, how to apply style tape to create your bustier’s neckline and how to identify key balance guidelines. You will learn how to measure, tear, block and press your muslin pieces in preparation for draping. We will teach you how to contour your muslin panels to the body to create a sexy bustier and then how to drape a full gathered skirt that you will later attach to your bustier bodice.

Once you’ve mastered this lesson, why not learn how to drape a Sheath dress or a classic A-line dress silhouette?

Module Description Step
1 Prepare the Dress Form 1-1
2 Extracts Measurements 1-3
3 Prepare Muslin Blocks 1-4
4 Mark Guidelines 1-2
5 Draping & Marking Bustier Center Front Panel 1-3
6 Draping & Marking Bustier Side Front Panel 1-3
7 Draping & Marking Bustier Center Back Panel 1-3
8 Draping & Marking Bustier Side Back Panel 1-3
9 Trueing the Bustier Drape 1-4
10 Bustier Final Steps 1-5
11 Skirt Prep 1-3
12 Skirt Draping 1-14
13 Skirt Marking & Trueing 1-9
14 Skirt Final Steps 1-4
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Step Description
1A The first step when draping the bustier is to apply style tape to your dress form to establish your guidelines and neckline style line. Start by taping across the bust level, from the left apex across to the right apex.
1B Tape the desired neckline from center front to center back. At the side seam, don’t drop lower than 1” (2.5cm) from the armplate.
1C For beginners, it is a good idea to apply your bust level tape from center front to the side seam. This will make it easier when balancing the side front panel. Be sure the tape is level to the floor.


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