Browzwear: Basics of Stitching

Browzwear: Basics of Stitching

Browzwear: Basics of Stitching

In this lesson, you will learn the basics of stitching using Single Stitch and Multi Stitch in Browzwear (BW) VStitcher. As well as exploring troubleshoot solutions throughout the lesson for issues that commonly occur during garment creation.

Note: You will need access to Browzwear VStitcher software in order to do this lesson.

VStitcher is the industry’s leading 3D design and development software, enabling early and efficient prototyping long before physical samples or fabrics are available. With VStitcher, you can take advantage of a comprehensive and powerful suite of advanced garment design and visualization tools, taking even the most complex of designs from conception to creation.

This VStitcher lesson aims to teach participants how to work efficiently within a 3D environment and utilize a variety of features and functions to create hyper-realistic 3D garment simulations in minutes.

Browzwear is offering UoF paid subscribers access to the Indie licenses (free). Please apply via this link, and fill in the ‘referred by’ as University of Fashion.


Module Description Step
1 What is Browzwear Vstitcher/Setup Workspace 1-3
2 Edge, Line, Corner and Curve Points 1-6
3 Single Stitch 1-3
4 How to Review what Edges have been Stitched 1
5 How to Delete Unwanted Stitches 1-2
6 Multi Stitch 1-6
7 Troubleshoot Scenario 1-6
8 Troubleshoot Scenario 1-5
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MODULE 1 • What is Browzwear Vstitcher/Setup Workspace

Step Description
1 Browzwear is one of the pioneering 3D solutions for apparel design, development, and merchandising. Made up of various products; Vstitcher, Lotta, Stylezone, and Fabric Analyzer. In this is series, we will focus on VStitcher. Vstitcher is a true-to-life 3D apparel design software. The program allows Designers, Technical Specialists, and Pattern Makers to have the ability to design garments, pattern modify, and fit through photorealistic 3D rendering. Users can instantly transform their 2D patterns into realistic 3D prototypes.
2 Let’s begin with the basics. We will open up our practice file by going to the top left of our screen to click File, Open, and locate Stitch 101.


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