Bodymetrics - Body Scanning

Bodymetrics – Body Scanning

Bodymetrics – Body Scanning

The University of Fashion takes you on location to learn how Bodymetric’s bodyscanning technology can revolutionize your shopping experience. Joanne M. Hackett PhD, Director of Business Development at Bodymetrics, demonstrates the process at an in-store event at Bloomingdales at the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, California. The technology allows consumers to make better sartorial choices when shopping by providing them with their body metrics.

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Well, I’m Joanne. I’m the Director of Business Development at Bodymetrics. And we’re actually a company that’s based in London, in the United Kingdom, but we’re here today to launch in the Stanford Mall at Bloomingdale’s, in California. So, we’re really excited to be here, because this is our first real launch in the U.S. We did a pilot program in Los Angeles a couple of months ago, for a few days, and we were very pleased with the results. And because of that we have been invited back.

What our company actually does is, we make shopping easier. What we do is actually allow your body to be mapped. And by doing that you get a model of your body, basically like a mannequin. And what ends up happening, is we have a picture of your body that gets generated. It’s not really a picture and it’s not really an image, but what it is, is actually all of the different measurements and all of the different bits of information that has been taken about your body while inside the scanner, has then been put together as an image. And what this shows, it shows all the contours of your body. It shows all the different measurements and what that allows you to do, is to be able to find clothing that fits you accurately.