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Basic Math Concepts for Retail Buying

Basic Math Concepts for Retail Buying

Retail buyers need to have a strong foundation in math concepts that involve decimals, percentages and fractions. You will learn how to add, multiple and divide decimals and then convert them to fractions and percentages. These basic concepts are the foundation for buying, planning and allocating retail merchandise.

Module Description Step
1 Working with Decimals 1-2
2 Adding Decimals 1
3 Multiplying Decimals 1-2
4 Dividing Decimals 1-3
5 Converting Percentages, Fractions & Decimals 1-4
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MODULE 1 • Working with Decimals

Step Description
1 Today’s lesson is Basic Math Concepts for Retail Buying. Before delving into the systems of Apparel Buying, Planning and Allocation of Merchandise, let us review our understanding of decimals, percentages and fractions.
2 1

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