Drafting a Side Bust Dart Bodice Sloper from Measurements

Drafting a Side Bust Dart Bodice Sloper from Measurements

Drafting a Side Bust Dart Bodice Sloper from Measurements

Let us teach you how to draft a basic side bust dart bodice sloper from measurements. We will extract the measurements from a dress form, but you could also use body measurements. The side bust dart sloper will be the foundation for many of your designs and is an absolute must-have in your library of slopers. You will learn how to extract all of the key measurements and we will provide you with easy-to-follow charts that you will be able to download to help simplify the plotting and drafting process. The result is a custom fit basic bodice sloper that you’ll use to design any number of great styles.

The sleeve sloper needed for this lesson can be found and drafted in our Pattern making lesson: Straight Sleeve Sloper.

Further Lesson Notes: Bust Cup Adjustment for Bodice Draft – For each bust cup size above a B, make the following adjustments: C cup = 1 3/4″ (4.4cm). D cup = 2″ (5.1cm). DD/E cup = 2 1/4″ (5.7cm). The difference between cup sizes is about 1/4″ (6mm) to 3/8″ (1cm) but be sure to test the bodice.

Module Description Step
1 Prepare Dress Form 1-11
2 Measure Front 1-16
3 Measure Back Form 1-9
4 Draft Back Bodice 1-17
5 Draft Front Bodice 1-32
6 Complete the Bodice Darts 1-4
7 Complete Armholes 1-2
8 Final Steps 1-16
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MODULE 1 • Prepare Dress Form

Step Description
1A For this lesson, you will need to download the: Front Measurement Chart, the Back Measurement Chart, The Dart Intake Calculation Chart and the Decimals to Fractions Chart.
1B You will also need one piece of white unlined pattern paper measuring 26” (66cm) by 30” (76.2cm)
1C You will also need two pieces of white unlined pattern paper measuring 14” (35.6cm) by 24” (61cm).

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