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Advanced Fashion Illustration Techniques

Advanced Fashion Illustration Techniques

Join fashion college professor Felice DaCosta as she lectures on advanced portfolio techniques. Felice will showcase the work of several talented students and recent graduates in the areas of childrenswear, menswear and womenswear. This lesson will provide tips and inspiration for creating your own killer portfolio.  Illustrations courtesy of: Callista Wolff, Seul Lee, Oliver Hunt, Kristina Constantine, Lyazzat Utepova, Carmen Wen Chu, Sarah Law, Thomas Ly and Felice DaCosta.

Module Description Step
1 Childrenswear Illustrations 1-4
2 Menswear Illustrations 1-3
3 Womenswear Illustrations 1-8
4 Pastel Editorial Illustrations 1-4
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MODULE 1 • Childrenswear Illustrations

Step Description
1A Here is an example of an illustration from a student. Her name is Callista Wolff, and she does little kids that are in the age range of 8-10. Wonderful examples of modeling, texture and she does them with pencil and gouache.
1B Notice all of these varieties of texture, knitwear, quilting, ribbing, and print.
1C Look at her head, she is starting to think about a character. She is almost like a storybook character or children’s book illustration. The fun thing about childrenswear is that you can play with proportion because the feet are huge, her skin is pale and they have a stance whereas they are pigeon-toed.


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