Instructor | Pat Toth Hurley

Pat Toth Hurley

Pat Toth Hurley has been a professional fit model in the fashion industry since she was 17 years old. Her vast experience in fit assists fashion companies, both large and small, to maintain a consistent, quality fit and as a result, these companies enjoy increased sales, improved market share, lower garment returns and reduced mark-down money from retailers.

Pat’s fit philosophy is to collaborate with owners, designers, technical designers and pattern makers to deliver a product that is fashionable, functional and fits well. This process starts with the initial fit consultation and continues through to the manufactured product. Pat’s client list encompasses missy and contemporary brands including knits, suits, blouses, swimwear, intimate apparel, day time dresses, evening wear, career pants, casual pants, pants, jeans, mother of the bride, golf wear, active wear and outerwear. Over the years, many companies have enjoyed and continue to enjoy improved success with Pat’s fit.


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