Instructor | Iris Hopkins

Iris Hopkins

Iris Hopkins is an Apparel Pattern Maker who specializes in swimwear, costume, dance and much more. She has spent her career behind the scenes as the hands that assist in making brand ideas come to life with a focus in fit, grading, and garment construction. Being formally trained from table to mannequin her passion for innovation and technology has allowed her to gain extensive knowledge in some of the industry’s leading 2D and 3D software such as Lectra, Gerber, and Browzwear. In addition to, external hardware operations of plotters and digitizers.

Graduated from the Art Institute of Philadelphia where she studied Fashion Design followed by a career that spans over 10yrs working on the Sample Room floor of some of industry’s most recognized brands.

When she is not helping a brand get products to market, she is tapping into her creativity. Through her own brand IMHSWIM, she also designs custom made-to-order swimwear and apparel where she does everything from design, pattern, and production. Iris has collaborated on special projects with stylists of notable performers and social media influencers.

Please feel free to check out her work on IG @imhswim