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Picture of 8-Year Old Girl Using a Sewing Machine

She is capable of anything

Let us Teach her how to sew something beautiful

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Little girl placing a bodice she made up against herself

Our online courses will help your child develop self-confidence, build on creativity and provide skills s/he can use for a lifetime

  • We teach every fashion topic, including sewing, knitting and drawing.
  • We don't charge per class. For only $22.95 per month (or $220 per year), your child will have unlimited access to over 500 lessons
  • There's no pressure. No schedule. Your child can learn as quickly or as slowly as he or she wants
  • Our step-by-step demonstrations make learning easy. If they ever get confused or miss a step, they can just rewind and re-watch it again
  • Want to ask a question? No problem! We answer questions every day, including on weekends

Play this video to see excerpts from our lessons on 1.) sewing a 4-hole thread shank button, 2.) sewing a slip-stitch appliqué and 3.) drawing a frontal female figure:

Play this video to see excerpts from our lessons on 1.) knitting a trellis lace stitch, 2.) crocheting a shell stitch and 3.) drawing a contrapposto front female figure:

These are just some examples of what we teach. There's so much more!

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