Qa_faqs | Where are your downloadable files?

Many of our lessons offer downloadable files.

You can find these by clicking their discipline (e.g. Draping or CAD) under our Lessons menu, then locating the lesson you're looking for (that offers downloads). Just click on that lesson's picture and you'll be taken to the lesson's Video Playback Page.

Just a little below the big playback screen at the top of the Video Playback Page, you'll see clickable links from which you can access the lesson's downloadable file(s). Just click the link and download the file(s) to your computer.

Many of our downloadable files come in a compressed state, called a "Zip" file. If you're unfamiliar with these types of files, search on the internet to find out how to extract the file(s) within each Zip file on your type of computer. It's usually very easy. Often all you have to do is double click on the Zip file saved on your computer to get the computer to show you what's inside each Zip. You can then easily save the file(s) inside the Zip individually.

You should now be able to use one of your computer's resident applications, e.g. Adobe Reader or Illustrator, to open the file(s) you just downloaded.

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