Qa_faqs | What are the benefits of a subscription?

Subscribers get unlimited access to absolutely every video lesson we have . In a world where most online schools charge hundreds, or even thousands of dollars for a single class, you get access to hundreds of video classes at the University of Fashion for just pennies a day!

And, unlike the teacher demonstrations in school, you can replay all or part of our demonstrations over and over again, until you really understand what we're showing you, and can do it, yourself.

A subscription to the University of Fashion also gets you a ton of "extras"

Many of our lessons include downloadable files to help you understand key concepts, make tricky calculations or customize a project for different sized models.

Every one of our How-to lessons comes with a full, written transcript. These transcripts enable you to read exactly what the teacher is saying in each video.

Every one of our How-to lessons comes with an active Table of Contents containing live links allowing you to jump immediately from one section to another in a lesson.

Your subscription enables you to ask us questions about our lessons, career concerns or anything else. Our team of professional fashion designers will answer your questions quickly, usually within 24 hours, even on weekends!

We provide much more than just great lectures, fashion tours, interviews and How-To lessons with your subscription. We also provide information that can help you develop your general fashion knowledge and career. Go to our website at universityoffashion.com and hover your mouse over the “Resources” menu at the top right of our Home page. Then click on any of the special services we offer on the resulting dropdown menu. Here are just some of the many special services we offer:


We provide many types of free downloadable croquis to improve your drawing skills and help you to flesh out your design ideas.


Not sure what a “Bar Tack” is? Our Terminology page helps you look up all the different terms used in fashion design.

Fashion Design Tools

From “Tracing Wheels” to “Tailor’s Chalk”, we show you what the key fashion designer tools look like and how to buy them directly from our website!


We provide an ever-growing list of the fashion companies and suppliers that you ought to know. These companies make just about anything you would ever need to become a great fashion designer, e.g. fabrics, sewing machines, dress forms, woven garment labels and much, much more.

Fashion books, Magazines and blogs

We provide a constantly updated list of fashion books, along with a way to instantly buy them. We also introduce you to some of the more interesting fashion magazines and blogs.

Fashion Museums

We provide a thorough, and constantly updated review of the most interesting fashion museums in the world

The University of Fashion Blog

You can access our popular blog directly from our website!

Other social media

We have had a presence in many social media channels for years. Many subscribers use our Pinterest page for inspiration and ‘mood boards’.

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  • Instagram: https://instagram.com/u_of_fashion
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/U_of_Fashion
  • YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/UniversityofFashion
  • Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/univoffashion

In short, you'll rarely find a better value than a University of Fashion subscription.

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