Qa_faqs | I’m having trouble playing your videos?

First, open different browser and try to play our videos from that new browser.

Next, check to see if you can view any of the videos available on the VIMEO.COM website. If you can't view Vimeo's videos either, then there's a likely a problem with your computer or your internet connection, not with the University of Fashion website.

Here's what we suggest:

1. Go to your internet router (a box usually with several blinking lights that your internet provider gave you, or that you bought yourself). This device transmits your internet signal wirelessly inside your home or business and may also be connected to one or more of your computers via thick Ethernet cables. Find the electric connection on the back of the box. Pull the electric cord out. This will turn off the box. Wait 15 seconds, then put the electric cord back in. This will cause the box to start up again and reboot itself. It will take the box about 5 minutes to restore its internet connection.

2. While you're waiting for your internet router to start up again, close all the applications currently running on your computer, remembering to save your work first. Then turn your computer off, i.e. shut it down. After all lights go out on the computer, wait 15 seconds then turn the computer back on again. Wait for it to complete its reboot procedure. By then your internet router should have finished rebooting, too. Then go to our site, login and click on any of our video lessons.

These steps are very likely to reconnect you to the internet or to improve your internet speed. If you complete the 2 steps above and our videos still don't run smoothly for you, then the problem almost certainly lies with your internet provider. Even Providers offering fast connections occasionally have outages or other technical problems that affect the quality of their service. Call their technical support phone number and ask the agent if their internet is down or is experiencing problems. Explain what you're experiencing on your end. They will often be able to flip a switch on their end that returns or improves your service. If there's no problem with their service, you can be sure that they will suggest you do the two steps we provided you above!

Here are some less likely ideas for solving your problem.

1. Our video hosting service does not currently support SSL (Secure Socket Layer). If you are using a plug-in in your browser like “SSL Everywhere,” please disable it and try the page again.

2. Also, make sure you have the latest version of Flash and that you've installed the latest update to your your brand of web browser.

If none of these fixes solve your problem, please contact our customer service department by clicking the Contact menu at www.UniversityofFashion.com. Tell our customer service specialists what operating system you're using, what error message you're seeing and which of the above steps you've already taken.

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