Qa_faqs | Why am I having trouble accessing your website?

If you are unable to get to the UoF website, we suggest you contact your internet provider to see if their service is “down.” UoF’s website is readily available to our customers around the world with only a tiny percent of site downtime.

Most internet connection problems are not due to a specific University of Fashion problem. Often your own internet provider is the real problem, i.e. our site is working fine, but your internet provider’s service has been interrupted for some reason.

We encourage you to tell us more about your connection problems by contacting our customer service department. Simply click the “Contact” link on the bottom of the University of Fashion Home page, fill out the form displayed then click the “Send” button on the bottom. Your questions will then be emailed to our customer service specialists for careful review and response. If we can, we will help you.

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