Qa_faqs | Recommended Lesson Order – Sewing

Before we provide our suggested Sewing lesson order, remember, the best way to learn is to do! To get the most out of each University of Fashion lesson, you need to buy the tools, fabrics and supplies necessary to complete that lesson, and then sit at your dining room table and replicate exactly what the teacher is doing in that lesson, yourself.

With that said

If you’re relatively new to sewing, start with Threading the Brother 1500s" (sewing machine), then go on to master our “Intro” lessons. Move next to our series of lessons about “Finishes.” Then, let us teach you the ins and outs of zippers. Watch and master 6 more lessons in this section, the ones that interest you most, before moving on to our Intermediate lessons.

In our Intermediate section, We will teach you couture sewing techniques ranging from how to applique a lace seam, the basics on couture buttons and buttonholes and finally how to create hand-made fabric flowers. Choose any 5 lessons that interest you, and nail them.

Before jumping into our Advanced Sewing section, first look and listen to our Beginner lecture called "Leather Tanning to Types". Then run through our Advanced 6-part leather sewing lessons in this section to teach you how to sort and cut leather, how to interface and stabilize leather seams and the sewing techniques you need to know to sew a complete leather jacket.

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