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Before we provide our suggested Fashion Art lesson order, remember, the best way to learn is to do! To get the most out of each University of Fashion lesson, you need to buy the tools and supplies necessary to complete that lesson, and then sit at your dining room table and replicate exactly what the teacher is doing in that lesson, yourself.

With that said...

If you’re new to fashion drawing and illustrating, start with the "Female Frontal pose" and the "Female Contrapposto pose" in the Beginner section on our Fashion Art page. [Our advice is to master hand drawing in this section before you move on to designing on a computer in our CAD section.] Next, try to draw the "Female Walking Pose" and the Female Side Back Pose" in Fashion Art. Then, move on to our "Female Relaxed Standing Pose" and "Female Head, Hands & Feet". Finally, choose and finish 4 other Beginner lessons that interest you, or seem challenging, before moving to our Intermediate section.

Our Intermediate Art lessons will teach you to hand render your designs. Each lesson comes with a free downloadable croquis template and swatch so that so that you can follow along with the instructor. We will also teach you how to find your own sketching style, which "brands" you and sets you apart from other designers. After mastering at least 6 Intermediate lessons, move on to the Advanced lessons.

Our Advanced Art lessons will teach how to illustrate your designs in gouache (“water paint” or “splash” in Italian). Download our Free fashion croquis for these lessons and follow along with your instructor to perfect the techniques we introduce in these lessons.

If you're feeling very comfortable with your hand rendering skills, move on to our Computer Assisted Design (CAD) lessons. You'll find them in the CAD section as a subcategory in our Lessons menu at the top of any page. We've laid out our CAD page in the order we recommend you watch (and follow along) with these lessons. Start with the first lesson, then move to the second lesson, etc.

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