Qa_faqs | Recommended Lesson Order – Draping

Before we provide our suggested Draping lesson order, remember, the best way to learn is to do! To get the most out of each University of Fashion lesson, you should buy the tools, fabrics and supplies necessary to complete that lesson, and then sit at a large table and do exactly what the teacher is doing in that lesson, yourself.

With that said...

If you’re new to draping, start with our "Intro to Dress Forms", then move to "Draping Basics: Muslin Blocking Marking Pressing". After those, do the "Bodice Sloper" and then the "Straight Skirt Sloper" lessons. Advance next to the "Bustier Bodice" and the "Princess Bodice", then follow along and learn from the "Sheath Dress" and the "A-Line Dress". Finish up by mastering the "Flared Skirt Straight Grain Center", the "Yoke Dirndl Skirt" and the "Fitted Torso Sloper", in that order.

You can then either finish up the rest of the Beginner lessons or move on to discover our Intermediate lessons. These videos will teach you how to drape design details like cascade ruffles, button front and button placket closures, silhouette styles including the dropped shoulder, princess kimono and peplum and how to set a banded and convertible collar. At this point, your choice of where to start should be guided by your particular interests.

Our Advanced lessons teach the art of draping bias garments, creating tailored silhouettes, merging draping with pattern making to design a lined jacket and much more. Don't be afraid of these. Once you have followed along with 10 or more Beginner and Intermediate lessons, you should be able to enjoy these more difficult lessons.

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