Qa_faqs | How teachers in small schools use our lessons

Most of the teachers who subscribe to the University of Fashion first demonstrate a particular design project in class. After answering their student's initial questions, they ask their students to go home, or work in class, to do what the teacher just demonstrated, themselves. The teacher will tell them that, if they forget a step or two, or have trouble deciphering their own written notes, to refer to a particular University of Fashion lesson to help jog their memories.

Many teachers also assign all or part of a particular University of Fashion lessons as a homework assignment. These teachers later critique their students' homework in class and use the homework as a springboard to continued learning.

Many teachers ask their students to watch a particular UoF lesson the night before the teacher plans to demonstrate how to perform a skill. This helps students better understand what they'll soon be seeing "live".

Many schools require their students to make one or more special projects in order to express their creativity and show what they've learned from their teachers. Students that have access to University of Fashion lessons enjoy learning how to make the many projects offered by UoF that were never taught to them by the school.

Either way, your students will love you for providing them with access to University of Fashion lessons. Why? Besides jogging their memories on what you demonstrated in class, they can play our lessons over and over again, and read their written transcripts, until they can finally "get it." Besides saving you a great deal of between-class time explaining things to students, your students will learn much faster and more permanently.

To get a quote for a Group Subscription, simply click our Contact link at the top of any page. Fill in the form and tell us how many individual student logins you'd like to get from us. Click “Send” and a University of Fashion representative will get in touch with you shortly.

There's no obligation! And you'll be surprised at how little a group subscription costs.

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