Qa_faqs | Recommended Lesson Order – Pattern Making

We recommend that you begin your introduction to pattern making with our "Basic Straight Sleeve Sloper" lesson. Then move on to the "Basic Straight Skirt" and the "Basic Pant Sloper".

Once you have mastered these lessons you can move to our beginner basic bodice sloper lesson entitled “Drafting a Shoulder Dart Bodice Sloper from Measurements. This will enable you to create the slopers that you will need for our "Kimono Sleeve" and "Raglan Sleeve" lessons. It will also be your foundation for the lesson on how to "Convert a Bodice Sloper to a Fitted Torso Sloper".

We also recommend that, if you have a dress form, that you drape a Basic Bodice or a Side Bust Dart Bodice w/Back Neck Dart, then convert the drape to a paper pattern and then onto oaktag. Watch our lesson on how to do this by viewing our pattern making lesson entitled "Transfer Side Bust Bodice Drape to Paper-Oaktag".

Once you have created your sloper library you are ready to begin designing and manipulating your patterns to create variations. Be sure to watch our other pattern making lessons on collars, sleeves and circle skirts.

Feel free to write us through the site's Contact form if you have questions or want even more suggestions.

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