Qa_faqs | How to earn certificates

University of Fashion subscribers will earn a Certificate of Completion for any lesson or lecture they complete.

You can track your individual progress toward earning certificates by clicking My Learning on the left side of your Account page.

On your My Learning page, you can:

  1. See all your earned Certificates of Completion
  2. See the lessons titles that you are currently watching, but have not yet completed
  3. Download, print or email your Certificates to others
  4. Download, print, email or post to social media a summary of your Certificates earned to-date

There is no extra charge for University of Fashion Certificates.

Show your University of Fashion certificates to prospective employers and clients along with the draped muslins, patterns, sewing samples, CAD files and other results you physically produced while watching those lessons. Certificates are great but there is nothing more powerful than showing your actual, hands-on work.

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