Qa_faqs | How get the most from a lesson?

The best way to learn from the University of Fashion is to:

  1. Pick an appropriate lesson for your skill level,
  2. Buy the tools, fabrics and supplies used in that lesson
  3. Follow along with what the instructor is doing in that lesson
  4. Finish the project the instructor is demonstrating, yourself.

Every one of our how-to lessons includes a list of all the supplies you'll need to complete that lesson. In fact, you can buy most of these supplies directly from our site.

Learning from one of our video lessons is often much easier than learning from a teacher demonstrating the same lessons in a classroom. Why? Because all of our lessons are taught from the designer’s perspective, i.e. looking down at your work much as you would do when creating something, yourself. This is much better than watching a typical classroom demonstration, where you can only see what the teacher is doing from a backwards or “flipped” perspective. Also, with video lessons, you can rewind any lesson, any time. If you have trouble mastering a particular step on your first try, you can watch it again, then do it again. You can do this as many times as you need to, until you finally get it right!

There's another benefit to doing our lessons yourself. You'll walk away with many actual, three-dimensional samples of your work. You'll have usable patterns, fabric sleeves, fabric collars, multiple drawings and, maybe, even a beautiful fully wearable dress. Whatever it is, you'll now have a way of demonstrating your new found fashion design skills to your friends, your clients, your current employer, a fashion school admissions officer, a prospective employer and, maybe most important, to yourself.

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