Qa_faqs | How get a free or test Group Subscription?

If you want to test the use of our lessons in your school or other large institution, then you have two easy options:

1. Ask us for a Free trial, or
2. Ask us for a Free limited test subscription

With a Free Trial, we'll allow up to your entire student body to access our site for a few months. This is a great way to test the waters and see how your students utilize our services.

With a free, limited test subscription, we would give a predefined number of your students (and their teachers) individual access for a few months to our website. Everyone will have their own login. This is a great way to test our service among a trusted group of students and teachers you select upfront.

If you'd like a quote for either or both of these Free programs, please write us using our Contact Form (at the top of every page). Describe your goals and tell us how many students you'd like our Group subscription to cover. We'll get back with a quick cost. There's no obligation.

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