Qa_faqs | How benefit from the University of Fashion ?

We believe that the best way to learn fashion design is from a live teacher at a good school. Besides seeing personal demonstrations of key concepts, you'll get the benefit of your teacher's experience. Every good teacher has learned a ton of tips and tricks that they're happy to share with their students. Also, only a live teacher can answer your many questions on the spot.

Yet, many thousands of students from the best fashion schools in the world subscribe to the University of Fashion, either personally or through their schools. They use our lessons to supplement their in-class notes, to jog their visual memories, to help them better understand complicated concepts and to help them ace their homework and special projects.

If you’ve ever missed a key class, then you know it’s impossible to reconstruct the classroom demonstration you missed. Sure, you can borrow another student’s notes. But words simply can’t describe an experienced teacher’s physical motions. But, you can always find a very similar lesson in our library to get you caught up. And, even better, unlike that one-time class demonstration you missed, you can re-play our demonstration over and over again until you fully understand it and can master the steps yourself. This can be the difference between getting an A or a C when the term ends.

And learning from one of our video lessons is often much easier than learning from a teacher demonstrating the same lessons in a classroom. Why? Because all of our lessons are taught from the designer’s perspective, i.e. looking down at your work much as you would do when creating something, yourself. This is much better than watching a typical classroom demonstration, where you can only see what the teacher is doing from a backwards or “flipped” perspective. With video lessons, you can rewind any lesson, any time. If you have trouble mastering a particular step on your first try, you can watch it again, then do it again. You can do this as many times as you need to, until you finally get it right!

Last, our lessons are filmed without teacher digressions, mistakes, long pauses and do-overs. As a result, our lessons take 75% less time to watch than in-class lessons.

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