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We are a big supporter of fashion schools. There are several ways we can help prospective and current fashion school students.

1. Get help choosing and applying to a good fashion school

Many of our subscribers use our video lesson library and other resources to help them find, apply to and get into the fashion school of their dreams.

First, check out our list of great fashion schools around the world. Just hover your mouse over our “Resources” menu at the top of any page, then click on "Fashion Schools". You'll see an extensive list of the world’s best fashion schools, along with links to their websites. Choose the schools that most appeal to you and your particular skill set.

Next, watch our lesson on "Creating a Professional Fashion Design Portfolio." You'll find it in our "Lectures" section (Resources > Lectures menu). Use this lecture to create a portfolio that showcases your fashion skills. Every good school expects you to have such a portfolio. If you've diligently watched our lessons, following along with what the instructors doing in each one, using your own materials, then you will have a big collection of finished samples to show schools in your portfolio or as separate items of interest. These can include patterns fully or partially draped garments, art renderings (hand drawn and CAD) and/or samples skillfully sewn zippers, and much more!

Finally, apply to the schools you've chosen and make sure to show them live samples of your work before the interview process (with photographs) and during the interview process (with live project samples).

2. Use University of Fashion to better understand the principles your instructors are teaching you and to get better grades

Thousands of fashion school students use our lessons every year to supplement their formal fashion education and to help them ace their homework and special projects.

If you’ve ever missed a key class demonstration, then you know it’s impossible to later reconstruct it for a homework project. But, with the University of Fashion, you can find a similar lesson and re-play it over and over until you thoroughly understand it. You simply can’t do that with a classroom demonstration. The University of Fashion can be the difference between getting a C, or an A, when the term ends.


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