Qa_faqs | Email address already in use

If you're trying to order a paid subscription and get a message saying: "Can't execute this transaction because the email is already in use", you probably already have a Free Member account with us that uses the same email address. Here's how to order a paid subscription using that same email:

If you know your Free Member account's username and password

Just log back into the University of Fashion using your Free Member username and password. On the first page you see, under MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT, click "Upgrade to Monthly (or Yearly) subscription". Fill in the form as requested and we'll upgrade your existing Free Member account to a full subscription!

If you don't remember your Free Member account's username and password

You have two choices

  1. Click the "Contact" menu at the top of any page, tell us that you want to order a subscription but that your email address is already in use. We'll write you back with help.
  2. Order your paid subscription using a second e-mail address. Basically, you'll then have two accounts with us, your Free Member and your subscription accounts. Each account will be associated with a different email address.

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