Qa_faqs | How upgrade a Monthly to a Yearly Subscription?

To upgrade your monthly subscription to a yearly subscription,

  1. Login to the University of Fashion Website
  2. Look on the page for the “Upgrade to Yearly Subscription” link and click it
  3. Provide the information requested

It is easy!

Your new yearly subscription will start immediately after upgrading.

This means that if there's time left on your current monthly subscription, you'll lose it when you upgrade to a Yearly. We built our website using WordPress and we use a WordPress plugin called S2Member to handle our financial transactions through PayPal. S2Member does a good job on most things but they give us no way to give Monthly subscribers who upgrade to a Yearly any credit for the time remaining on their Monthly, time these subscribers paid for when they last made a payment to us. We have no automated way to fix this unfairness. So, please write us after you upgrade from a Monthly to a Yearly and we'll be happy to manually refund your last Monthly payment for you.

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