Qa_faqs | How learn more about a particular lesson?

Go to the Lessons menu on the top of each page then choose one of the fashion design discipline, e.g. Draping, Sewing, Pattern Making (etc.). You will be taken to a page with a long list of lessons in the discipline you chose.

Click on a lesson that interests you. You'll be taken to a page where you can learn a tremendous amount about that particular lesson.

For example, you can watch a video preview of that lesson. You can learn about the person who teaches the lesson, i.e. their education, background and interests. You'll be given a list of the tools and supplies used in that lesson (and how to buy most of them directly from our site). Finally, you'll see excerpts from the lesson's table of contents and written transcript.

You can learn a lot about each and every one of our lessons, without paying us anything.

However, when you subscribe to the University of Fashion, you'll be able to watch all of our video lessons from start to finish as many times as you want. You'll get a "live" table of contents with links that enable you to jump quickly from section to section in a lesson. And, finally, you'll gain access to every lesson, complete written transcript.

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