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A University of Fashion subscription is perfect for schools, clubs, libraries, associations, teachers, consultants or retailers who want to educate or entertain large groups of students, members, patrons, employees or customers. Your "Group" subscription will enable all of your constituents to access all of the video lessons on the UoF site at a tiny cost-per-person!

There are many ways you can use a Group subscription.

  1. Schools use UoF’s videos to supplement their teachers’ in-class efforts. Because our videos make it easier for students to successfully complete their homework projects, students enjoy and learn more from their learning experience. This can have a significant impact on overall student satisfaction and student retention rates.
    • Teachers may play UoF’s videos in their classroom then direct their students to use the same videos shown in class to help the students complete their homework projects between classes. This enables students to view specific sections of a video very similar to what they saw in class over and over again until they "get it.". The students can pause, rewind or fast forward the classroom video as much as they want while they successfully complete each step of a project. U of F’s videos supplement the student’s classroom notes and provide much better guidance to those students “stuck” on a particular step in a project than the many awful, amateur fashion videos found on the web, e.g. YouTube™, or the sometimes incorrect advice provided by their fellow classmates.
    • Teachers may prefer to teach their students in-class without using UoF’s videos. However, to improve their students’ success in completing homework assignments, teachers can assign specific UoF videos to their students to help the students complete their homework assignments with a minimum level of frustration and a maximum likelihood of success. Teachers know that some students do a poor job transferring the knowledge they obtained from their in-class experience to their notes. But, when students see and review UoF’s clear, well-produced videos over and over again, in the comfort of their dorm rooms, homes or classroom, their notes will come alive with increased understanding.
    • Schools offering online fashion design programs can use University of Fashion videos, under the supervision of a qualified teacher, to provide an additional effective learning option to their students, especially students located geographically far away from the school’s campus.
    • Schools may also use UoF videos to train new teachers and to evaluate new teaching methodologies for certain lessons.
    • Teachers and students use the UoF’s social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and U of F Blog, to keep current on fashion industry trends. Students may use UoF’s Pinterest page as an inspirational source since most of the UoF Pinterest Inspiration boards are linked to individual lessons and vice versa.
  2. Fashion companies have employees who design their lines and provide patterns to their manufacturing arms. These large organizations regularly need to train new employees or to provide “continuing education” to their longer tenured employees. By buying a Group Reference Resources License from us, these organizations can provide all of their employees with unlimited access to all of the educational videos in the entire University of Fashion video library for their use any time of day or night for a year. In short, a Group license provides companies with a permanent resource for training and maintaining the technical skills of their employees.
  3. Libraries can help their patrons learn or improve their job skills and/or to start new fashion businesses. Libraries with Maker Space programs can use UofF's video lessons to create live teaching programs.
  4. Retail stores selling fashion or craft-related tools and supplies can increase customer loyalty and find new customers by offering free (or paid) showings of UofF’s videos in their stores via a UofF Group license to their customers. Depending upon the retail store’s objectives, you can provide and/or sell your customer audience some (or all) of the tools and supplies needed for them to complete the project(s) featured in the individual video(s) you screen for them.
  5. Fashion clubs can show UofF videos to their members at meetings and challenge their members to complete the many fashion lessons UofF offers.

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