Qa_faqs | Who subscribes to the University of Fashion?

When we asked many of our current subscribers why they subscribe, they provided an amazing variety of reasons.

  • Become a fashion designer
  • Improve my existing design skills
  • Start a new fashion business
  • Create my own clothes (for myself or others)
  • Create a portfolio to get into a fashion school
  • Use your lessons as projects for my Sewing Club
  • Use as a training library for my company employees
  • Use to decrease student frustration and increase student retention in our school
  • Use to teach job skills to our library's patrons
  • Use in our library's new fashion makerspace
  • Want to become a fashion designer, but
    • Can't afford the tuition at fashion schools
    • Can't travel far away to attend a fashion school
  • Use it to help me switch careers (only have time to learn at home after work)

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