Qa_faqs | Are there tests?

We assume that you really want to learn. So, no, we don't make you take tests.

Rather, we encourage you to follow along with the lessons that interest you and create the projects featured in those lessons.

It's easy to do. We give you a list of all the fabrics and supplies you need to complete each and every lesson we offer. Most of the time, you'll have no problem doing exactly what the teacher is doing in a lesson. But, if you ever hit a snag, no problem! Just rewind the lesson and watch that section again. You can't do this in a school classroom. But, you sure can with a University of Fashion lesson! You can re-watch a section in our videos 20 times if you need to. Eventually, you will end up mastering every step.

Oh, and if you have any questions about a lesson (or anything else), click Contact on the top menu on our site and ask away. A professional fashion designer will respond to all fashion-related questions. Most of the time, you will get a response in less than 48 hours.

We don't need to make you take a bunch of tests. There's no better way to prove that you know what you're doing than to create a great looking garment, drawing, pattern or other project from our lessons.

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