Certificate Program Details

Obtain a Certificate for your Efforts!

University of Fashion subscribers will receive a Certificate of Completion for any lesson or lecture they watch. There is no extra charge for University of Fashion Certificates.

Tracking your Certificates

You can track your individual progress toward earning certificates by clicking My Learning on the left side of your Account page, which is the first page that welcomes you after you log in as a subscriber.

On your My Learning page, you can:

  1. See all your earned Certificates of Completion
  2. See the lessons titles that you are currently watching, but have not yet completed
  3. Download, print and email your Certificates or a summary of your certificates to others
  4. Read the Certificate Terms & Conditions to which you must agree before using UoF certificates

How to Use your My Learning page

Your custom My Learning page provides links that offer to "request" (download) any certificates you've been awarded. It also provides links to where you last left off in any lessons you’ve started since the start of the UoF certificate program on June 1, 2022. Just click any title shown under “Lessons In Progress” on your My Learning page to be taken to that lesson’s video playback page and then click Play to continue where you last left off. Our system will then continue to track and give you credit for any additional progress you make watching that lesson. To learn more, read our FAQ. Just look at our line of menus at the top of any page on our site and click "About". Then click the sub-menu, "FAQ". Then click the FAQ called "Certificates, Degrees, Diplomas, Tests and Resumes". Pay particular attention to "Things You Should Know about Certificates".

How to download and print your Certificates

If you see one or more lessons listed under “Completed Lessons” on your My Certificates page, you can download certificates for those lesson titles. Just click the “View Certificate” link to the right of each title or the "View Summary Certificate" link next to a discipline. Links to the PDF versions of your certificate(s) will either automatically download and show as tiny rectangles on the bottom of your browser or you will be asked where you want your download(s) to be stored on your computer, depending on your computer's settings. . Just open the PDF downloads shown to view your certificate(s). Feel free to print and/or email those files to someone else, if you wish.

How to Use Certificates in your Career

The University of Fashion (UoF) recommends that you show any certificates we provide you to prospective employers, clients or schools along with the actual projects you physically produced while learning the lessons cited in your certificates. It is great to show potential employers, clients or schools the certificates you received from UoF. But there is nothing more powerful than showing them the actual, hands-on work you produced as you were learning those lessons.