Cancellation policy

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your University of Fashion® (UoF) subscription at any time.

How to Cancel your Single-User Subscription

Yearly Subscriptions

You won’t ever need to cancel your Yearly subscription.

These subscriptions cancel themselves at the end of a year. They do not automatically renew.

Before your Yearly subscription self-cancels, don’t worry. We’ll contact you well in advance to give you an opportunity to renew your subscription, if you wish.

Monthly Subscriptions

It’s easy to cancel a Monthly subscription. Here’s how:

Just log into www.UniversityofFashion.com, click "Cancel subscription" under Membership Management, then follow the prompts from there. Once you cancel, we won't charge you again, unless you later renew.

Your subscription will be canceled immediately, but you will still have full access to our website until the end of your billing cycle. For example, if you last paid us a monthly fee on June 5, and you cancel on June 10, you will still have full access to all our full-length lessons until July 5.

How to Cancel your Group’s Subscription

If you’re responsible for managing your Group’s Group Content License(s), Group Reference Resource License(s) and/or Online Education License(s) and want to cancel one of more of these, either contact your UoF sales rep via email or click the link to our “Contact” form at the top of our website at www.UniversityofFashion.com, provide the name of your Group as well as the details of your request, and then click “Send”.

The terms of your applicable, effective license(s) will apply to your cancellation request.


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