Cancellation policy

Cancellation Policy

If you’re an individual Monthly subscriber…

You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time. When you cancel, we promise to stop charging you in the future, immediately.

However, most times after you cancel, we will continue to allow you to access our lessons. That’s because we owe you full access for 30 days following the last payment you made to us.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you last paid us for your monthly subscription at midnight on 2 June. If you decide to cancel on 17 June, we’ll continue to give you full access to our lessons until midnight on 2 July.

We make it easy to cancel your Monthly subscription. Just log into www.UniversityofFashion.com, click "Cancel subscription" under Membership Management, then follow the prompts from there. That’s it. You’re done.


If you’re an individual Yearly subscriber…

You can’t cancel a Yearly subscription. On the other hand, they cost a lot less per month than Monthly subscriptions and they don’t automatically renew after they expire.

We reach out to our Yearly subscribers, just before their subscriptions expire, to offer them a discount for renewing.


If you’re a Group subscriber subscriber…

Just contact your UoF sales rep via email or click the link to our “Contact” form at the top of our website at www.UniversityofFashion.com, provide the name of your Group as well as the details of your request, and then click “Send”. We’ll get back to you in a day or two and handle your request. Of course, the terms of your applicable, effective license(s) will apply to your cancellation request.


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