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Recently, Bill Gates, co-chair of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and founder of Microsoft, joined the Summit Innovation in Education in discussion regarding the future of higher education and his personal vision for how the college learning experience can be transformed through technology.

The Gates Foundation‘s current project is awarding grants to educational reformers and those looking to mitigate “inefficiencies” in the current model of higher education.  He argued for radical college reform, where students watch video lectures from premier professors as homework and in turn use class time for interactive learning activities.  Gates described the foundation’s proposed educational process as one of continual refinement, with a clear directive “to improve, to learn, make mistakes, [and to] try new things out”

One example of Gate’s learning method in action can be seen at The Khan Academy, an excellent example of success in the aforementioned field of online education.  The Kahn Academy is a non-profit company seeking to, “change education for the better by providing a free world-class education to anyone anywhere.”  The site’s resources are open to the public and provide over 3,200 videos on everything from arithmetic to biochemistry to fashion, finance, and history.


During a recent webinar called “Going Digital”, sponsored by theChronicle of Higher Education and Pearson publishing, CEO Mark Sarver of EDU KAN provided very impressive data on why schools are in search of digitally embedded content in their courses. He enumerated the reasons:

  • better retention rates
  • students don’t have to go outside the classroom to get information
  • keeps students engaged
  • studies show that digital content is more exciting to students
  • digitally embedded content results in higher grades according to several studies
  • faculty benefit from digitally embedded content since they don’t have to search for outside resources to help students
  • it is much less expensive for students who save money on textbooks, a great way to capitalize on various learning styles.

University of Fashion-a revolution in online fashion education

The University of Fashion, the world’s first online fashion video library, is about to revolutionize fashion education. Our mission is to provide superior online fashion education, taught by fashion industry professionals and college professors from established intuitions such as Parsons, the Fashion Institute of Technology and many others. We provide beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons designed to provide designers and aspiring designers, a chance to learn the basics, as well as to provide growth opportunities to those hoping to improve their current skills. In addition to our tutorials, we offer lectures on fashion relevant topics and tours at key industry locations. The University of Fashion is also partnered with the best fashion industry suppliers such as Mood, Sew True, B & J, Brother Sewing Machines, Wolf and Fabulous Fit dress forms, to name a few.

The demand for top-tier fashion design education has shown rapid growth over the past decade, yet it is nearly impossible for most to gain entrance to a major design school. In addition, design schools have trouble finding qualified teachers since teachers with hands-on skills are hard to come by thanks to the migration of jobs overseas. The founder of the University of Fashionâ, Francesca Sterlacci, experienced this problem first hand when she was chair of the Fashion Design department at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Francesca made it her life’s mission to change that when she left FIT to start her new business, an online fashion how-to video library. Students, schools and industry will be able to access a full range of hands-on lessons in draping, pattern making, sewing, fashion art and production development, 24/7 in the comfort of their own home or office. Teachers will be able to embed these lessons into their current curriculum, which will be a huge cost savings to schools since they won’t have to hire additional teachers to teach certain lessons. The University of Fashion’s commitment to excellence will guarantee a level of education equal to the best fashion colleges in the country and our connection to the New York fashion industry brings fashion industry professionals within reach to those who have never before had that experience.

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Francesca Sterlacci

Francesca Sterlacci is the CEO of University of Fashion (UoF) which she founded in 2008 as the first online fashion video library bringing the art and craft of fashion design and business to schools, libraries, organizations and the general public. As owner of her eponymous label for ten years, her collection sold in fine stores such as Bergdorf Goodman, Saks, Barneys and Nordstrom. As a professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology for 11 years, she became Chair of the Fashion Design Department where she initiated the complete revision of their AAS and BFA degree programs, as well as wrote three certificate programs: Leather Fashion Design, Outerwear and Haute Couture. Francesca has also taught graduate level fashion design at the Academy of Art University San Francisco for six years, both on site and online. Her publishing accomplishments include: Leather Apparel Design, the Historical Dictionary of the Fashion Industry (First and Second Editions), the A-Z of the Fashion Industry, Leather Fashion Design and a 3-volume beginner series on Draping, Pattern Making and Sewing designed to complement the UoF lessons, set to launch January 2019. She has also made literary contributions to both the Encyclopedia of Clothing & Fashion and You Can Do It! The Merit Badge Handbook for Women. Francesca holds an AAS, BA and an MSEd (master’s degree in higher education).