Newsflash: New Menswear Lessons Added

Photo:  Emily  Malan  and  Barneys

Photo: Emily Malan and Barneys

Man, this is exciting.

Aspiring menswear designers, hold on to your pleated trousers, we are launching much anticipated menswear lessons!

After an extensive search for a classical, technical men’s tailor who could bring a modern design sensibility to our University of Fashion menswear lessons, we are thrilled to announce the search is complete, and we’ve officially added a menswear discipline to our site.

In terms of the luxury apparel market, menswear is currently growing faster than womenswear and is on track to become a $33 billion industry by 2020.  So to prepare our designers for this boom, there is no time like the present to introduce you to both our new menswear instructor and to get you started creating your own menswear basic blocks.

Without further ado, please meet our new menswear instructor, Rishabh Manocha. As a behind-the-scenes note, I love getting emails from UoF founder, Francesca, with commentary on our new lessons and teachers. In reference to Rishabh, she exclaims, “He has what I call ‘golden hands’ when he sews. There is an upcoming lesson on how to sew a jetted pocket with flap that is museum worthy!” An alum of Parsons School of Design and Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, Rishabh is a New York City based menswear designer and bespoke tailor.

Meet Menswear Instructor Rishab Mantoba

Meet Menswear Instructor Rishabh Manocha

Rishabh takes our students through menswear basics in a series of six new videos, starting with how to measure the male form.

Once you’ve learned how to measure the male body, you are ready to begin your basic blocks. Begin by drafting a male upper body block, a sleeve block and a men’s trouser block.

After you’ve drafted these basic tools, begin to build upon them as you draft a men’s shirt block, and a pleated trouser.

While you are busy building your menswear blocks, we are busy producing our next set of menswear videos. Coming in the months ahead:

  • Drafting a Men’s Hoodie
  • Drafting a Men’s Upper Body Jacket Block
  • Drafting a Men’s Classic 2-Button Single-breasted Jacket
  • Drafting a Men’s One-piece Sleeve from Measurements
  • Drafting a Men’s Two-piece Jacket Sleeve
  • Drafting a Men’s Jacket Lining, Facings & Interfacings

In addition to getting you off on the right foot with menswear pattern making, we also want to support your creative vision as you begin to define your menswear style and refine your own design aesthetic. Need inspiration? Take a look at our menswear Pinterest boards:

Oh, don’t forget to follow Rishabh on Instagram @rishabhmanocha as an inspirational menswear resource!

Finally, whether you fancy yourself the next Kim Jones at Dior or Virgil Abloh at Vuitton, you are going to need to know how to sketch. Once you have a basic understanding of how menswear garments come together and you’ve done your research and developed your inspiration, return to the UoF for all things menswear illustration. From developing your own male fashion figure, to illustrating male fashion poses, to rendering plaid and leather, we’ve got the tools and instruction you’ll need to communicate your vision.

Let us know how we can support you. Do you have menswear videos you’d like to see added to our upcoming production schedule? Please don’t be shy in the comments below.


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Kara Laricks is a regular contributor to the University of Fashion. She’s also a New York based women's wear and accessories designer. As the first winner of NBC's Fashion Star, Kara has designed collections for H&M, Macy's and Saks Fifth Avenue. Her masculine meets feminine line, Kara Laricks, debuted at New York Fashion Week in 2012 and her S/S 2013 collection sold exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue. Kara's designs have been featured on the Today Show and HBO's True Blood as well as covered in Women's Wear Daily and on Kara holds Master's degrees in both Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Kansas and in Fashion Design from the Academy of Art in San Francisco. An educator turned designer, Kara is dedicated to supporting emerging designers and inspiring others to follow where dreams lead.