New Knit Video, Filming in the Studio and a Review that Made Our Week

Have you ever had one of those days when you thread your needle on the first try, your side seams match perfectly and you have just enough bobbin thread to sew your final seam? The University of Fashion has had one of those weeks! Take a look at the three reasons last week was as exciting as setting a sleeve without a single pucker of fabric.  

First, we launched the next video in our 8-Part Knit Series – Knit Stretch Reductions: Sleeve Slopers.  Learn how to make the pattern adjustments to your sleeve sloper in order to ensure a perfect fit, no matter what type of knit fabric you are using.

Second, we’ve been in the studio filming new pattern making, draping and fashion art videos.  Draping lingerie, couture sewing methods – it’s all coming your way soon.  We cannot wait to bring you new interviews with fashion industry professionals, and we will post just as quickly as we can edit!


Barbara Seggio, FIT Adjunct Associate Professor filming Necklines & Dart Manipulation

And last, but certainly not least, we received the most amazing feedback from fashion design student, Alexander Diesner:

“As a beginning fashion design student, I’m very excited about the University of Fashion’s high quality, educational video tutorials. They’re a great resource for students who need to review or advance their sewing and design skills. The tutorial instructors are clear, succinct, and very knowledgeable about their field, offering excellent tutorials on tricky areas, such as pattern drafting. I found the draping videos to be enormously helpful because, in my community college, draping courses aren’t offered every semester; these videos helped me to learn the basics on my own so I’ll be better prepared once the traditional draping class is offered. Students, like me, who plan on applying to a big name fashion school, such as F.I.T or Parsons, will really appreciate the Portfolio Preparation video. My instructors have started including the University of Fashion tutorials on our online course pages so we can review skills we learn in the classroom any time we want; I no longer have to wait for class time when I’m stuck on a project! Overall, I found the University of Fashion to be a phenomenal resource, a great innovation in my field of study, and useful both inside and outside the classroom.”

Alexander Diesner, First-year fashion design student
Pima Community College
Tucson, Arizona

Wishing you a productive week full of learning and looking forward to what this week has in store!

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Kara Laricks is a regular contributor to the University of Fashion. She’s also a New York based women's wear and accessories designer. As the first winner of NBC's Fashion Star, Kara has designed collections for H&M, Macy's and Saks Fifth Avenue. Her masculine meets feminine line, Kara Laricks, debuted at New York Fashion Week in 2012 and her S/S 2013 collection sold exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue. Kara's designs have been featured on the Today Show and HBO's True Blood as well as covered in Women's Wear Daily and on Kara holds Master's degrees in both Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Kansas and in Fashion Design from the Academy of Art in San Francisco. An educator turned designer, Kara is dedicated to supporting emerging designers and inspiring others to follow where dreams lead.